Coaching and Therapy Services

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Sometimes in life we all need a little help. You don't have to do everything on your own any more.

What's on offer...

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a form of personal development in which you set and achieve goals that create a life of purpose and happiness.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a talking therapy that helps you manage your problems by changing your way of thinking and behaviour.

Business Coaching

Business coaching and mentoring is another form of personal development focused on the steps you need to take in order to create a profitable and fulfilling business.

Here's why it doesn't really matter:

If you're not sure what type of help you need it doesn't matter one bit. I don't offer cookie-cutter programmes. You know what problems you're experiencing and how you want your life to be different. When I work with you I'll know the right approach to help you achieve your goals and create the results you're looking for.

Here are some of the results my past clients have enjoyed...

  • Career promotion and progression
  • Increased confidence
  • Turn a passion into a business
  • Reduced stress
  • Greater work-life balance
  • Improved relationships 
  • Redefined career and life direction
  • Increased business profits and scalability
  • Build a strong online following on social media
  • Beat overwhelm

Why Choose Life Coach Julie?

Qualified Coach & CBT Practitioner

The counselling and coaching industry is poorly regulated. Anyone can call themselves a coach, counsellor or consultant regardless training or experience. Unlike many, I am trained and qualified to a professional standard.

One-to One Support

Working one-to-one means that I can target your specific needs and challenges. You will also receive personalised support, accountability and mentorship. This will ensure you have all the support you need to be successful.  

Support Between Sessions

No more struggling alone waiting around for your next coaching session to get answers.  Additional support and accountability (available on certain programmes) between sessions via email or messenger to keep you moving forwards.

Prices Start from £79

An investment in coaching or CBT is an investment in yourself. My pricing structure, payment plans and monthly programmes enables you to start at the level your budget will allow and move at a pace that feels right for you.

My simple 3 step formula:


Increase awareness of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to improve understanding and expand your choices.


Accept the things you can't change, love yourself (warts and all) and improve relationships. 


Take a series of small and purposeful actions that create the life (or business) you desire.

All transformation begins with awareness. Awareness of your values, beliefs about a situation and external factors that influence your behaviour and that of others.

Greater awareness leads to new options and choices for responding to our situation. We can learn to accept things we can't influence (like the past) and understand our situation and the behaviour of others better.

More choices lead to better decision making. Through taking small but purposeful actions you can achieve the results in life you're seeking.

What my clients say: