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It's time to smash those goals and create a life/business you love. 

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Life Coaching

How many times have you said you're going to make a change? Then, a week goes by,  a month goes by and before you know it's a year on and you're still settling.

You don't have to just settle for things the way they are. Change can be difficult but with the right kind of support and accountability it's easier than you think. 

I will help you change old patterns, gain clarity, increase your self-confidence and smash those goals. 

Don't put it off for yet another day. The best day to start changing your life is NOW!

Business Coaching

Having a hugely successful business is not just about mastering your craft or service. It's about becoming the CEO of your business. That means, working on your personal developement as well as learning about business strategy, marketing and sales. 

My signature programme 'Rock Your Business' offers a unique blend of one-to-one coaching, training and mentoring. I will  help you focus on the things that are going to give you the best results as quickly as possible.

You and your business are worth it. I will help you step by step as you grow your little empire. 

Why Choose Life Coach Julie:

Qualified Coach

The coaching industry is not regulated which means that anyone can call themselves a coach without any training or experience. Having a qualification gives you the added reassurance that I have been taught how to coach.  

One-to One Coaching

Working one-to-one means that I can target your specific needs and challenges. You will also receive personalised support, accountability and mentorship. This will ensure you have all the support you need to be successful.  

Support Between Sessions

No more struggling alone waiting around for your next coaching session to get answers.  Additional support and accountability available between sessions via email or messenger to keep you moving forwards.

Prices start from £67

An investment in coaching is an investment in yourself that pays you back. My pricing structure, payment plans and monthly programmes enables you to start at the level your budget will allow.

What my life coaching clients say:

Yvonne Palmer

I recently worked with Julie whilst she was coaching me around presentation skills. After initially being sceptical of life coaching, and in particular the return on investment, I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of working with Julie. Julie herself was extremely professional and allowed me to see things in a different way. At the end of each session Julie set clear objectives, and although these challenged me, none of the tasks left me feeling outside of my comfort zone. The techniques Julie used allowed me complete visibility of my development and after working with Julie I can honestly say my confidence has improved, and not just in the area of presentations, but has helped me apply the same techniques throughout all of my professional interactions. I have no hesitation in recommending that anybody considering life coaching speak to Julie, as she truly offers something different.

Beth Davis

I am a 35 year old mother of three who was struggling to juggle work and home. I wasn't finding any real satisfaction in any area of my life leading to feelings of guilt and a general sense of being overwhelmed.
Through the coaching sessions Julie helped me focus on what I really wanted, what was really important. The goal focussed nature of the sessions gave me something to strive for and reflect on. Consequently I now feel that I am exactly where I want and need to be. I am much more able to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life without feeling burnt out.
Julie is incredibly easy to talk to and just seems to understand without judging. She is incredibly professional but still warm and engaging and I really look forward to our sessions, (which I still find I need from time to time).
I have had experience of counselling in the past but for me the focus on the future which Julie's coaching provides was exactly what I needed. The fact that she could be flexible with the appointment times was hugely helpful and I would very highly recommend her to anyone

What my business coaching clients say:

Sophie Hanson

Sharmony PA Services

I first became acquainted with Julie on LinkedIn and then via her Facebook group which is a great place to receive advice, great tips and motivation from Julie and many other hard working ladies in business.

Julie has also been coaching me one-on-one and it’s been so great to have her encouragement, guidance and expertise. She’s helped me to clarify what it is I’m aiming for and helps me form a plan of action of how to get there. She always provides valuable insights and useful strategies that are applicable and really help me move forward. She holds me accountable for my actions and has helped to change the thought processes and techniques I use to manage my business for the better. She ensures that I’m spending my time wisely and I now feel like I have much greater control over the direction of my business and with her help I’m implementing tools and strategies that will maximise my chances of success. Above all she’s really helped to boost my confidence and I couldn’t be more grateful for her support. 

Janine Kathleen Shapiro

Holistic Life Coach

I met Julie online and love being part of her supportive community.
I have benefited tremendously from her love, support and great coaching.
Thank you for helping me take my business to the next level Julie.
I highly recommend Julie as a coach.
Her calm, informative and supportive style as well as her willingness to go the extra mile is just awesome. 

Don't wait a second more, it's time to feel amazing and build a life that you love.


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