Are you feeling stressed, stuck, overwhelmed, angry or lost?

Counselling can help.

 Sometimes we find it difficult to cope with what is going on in our lives.

Whilst most of the time we are able to manage, sometimes life's challenges exceed our coping strategies and we can end up feeling stressed, stuck, lost, overwhelmed or angry.

Counselling is a talking therapy that helps you discuss your problems and how you feel in a safe, non-judgemental space. It can also help you gain insight into your thoughts, emotions and behaviours so that you can look to the future with hope and joy. 

It's time to take back control and be the driving force of your life going forward.

With my help you will process past and current events that are influencing how you think, feel and behave. I will help you regain a sense of peace & calm so you can start making positive changes to your life and thrive.

If you’re struggling right now and think I might be the person to help you, the best thing you can do right now is to get in touch. We'll start with a quick chat to explore what's going on for you. If it looks like I can help and we both feel a connection, we'll discuss your options from there.

Start living your best life today!

Common questions I get around counselling...

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I’ve had counselling in the past but it didn’t work, will it work this time?

Just because it didn’t work before doesn’t mean that counselling will not work now. It’s possible that there was a poor match between yourself and the counsellor or that you were not in the right place to benefit from counselling.  Counselling can help lots of people in a variety of situations. Whether it is likely to work for you or not depends on a variety of factors so we won't know until we've had chance to talk and explore your situation carefully.

This is why we have an initial call and in that call I will give you my honest opinion on if I think I can help you.

How will I know if counselling is the right therapy for me?

There are three different types of counselling so it can be a bit confusing when deciding which type of counselling or therapy that would benefit you the most. They all include talking through your problems but differ in their approach.

I use an integrative approach, as no one theory alone holds all the answers. By using an integrative approach it allows more flexibility and is focused on the the individual as a whole and adapted to your needs. 

How soon I will see results?

The time it takes for you to see results is a difficult  question to answer. It varies depending on the reason that counselling was started and the individual.

Some people say that after just one session they are already starting to feel better and they’ve started to see positive change. I usually find that three or more sessions are needed to start seeing signs that counselling is helping.

How often will I need to see you?

Sessions are normally weekly initially, and then dialled back to once every two weeks for as long as you need them.

I don't often see people for single or adhoc sessions as this is unlikely to develop lasting change.

Why Choose Life Coach Julie?

Qualified Counselling & CBT Practitioner

The counselling and coaching industry is poorly regulated. Anyone can call themselves a coach, counsellor or consultant regardless training or experience. Unlike many, I am trained and qualified to a professional standard.

One-to One Counselling

It’s not easy opening up and discussing your problems whilst group work can be beneficial, most people find it easier to talk one to one. Working one-to-one also means I can adapt to your specific needs and challenges..  

Support Between Sessions

No more struggling alone waiting around for your next counselling session to get answers.  Additional support and accountability (available on certain programmes) between sessions via email or What’s App to keep you moving forwards.

Prices Start from £79

An investment in counselling, coaching or CBT is an investment in yourself. My pricing structure, payment plans and monthly programmes enables you to start at the level your budget will allow and move at a pace that feels right for you.

Alongside my qualifications, I have experience helping people dealing with a variety of difficulties including but not limited to:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Disability
  • Relationships
  • Anger Management
What my clients say: