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Starting and growing a business is more than just selling,  If you want to grow your little empire you are going to need to learn about strategy, social media, sales, marketing  etc.   

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8 Surefire Time Management Tips to Boost Your Productivity

Time management and productivity is a common topic of conversation especially for business owners who are trying to juggle lots of different responsibilities like a family or a full time career. There never feels like there is enough time in the day to get everything done

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Common mistakes small business owners make on Social Media and what to do instead.

Mistakes direct sellers mistake on social media and how to use social media effectively to get more customers and team members.

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How to Instantly Improve Your Confidence

Confidence plays a huge part in growing your business. Why is it that some people seem to naturally act and feel more confident, whilst others seem to struggle? On the other hand, when you are confident you feel happier, inspire confidence in others and are generally more successful.

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  Learn, implement and grow to become the CEO I know you are destined to be.

Need a little extra help and support to grow your small business?

All my programmes are one to one coaching 

Payment plans to suit all budgets

Why Choose Life Coach Julie:

Qualified Coach

The coaching industry is not regulated which means that anyone can call themselves a coach without any training or experience. Having a qualification gives you the added reassurance that I have been taught how to coach.

One-to One Coaching

Working one-to-one means that I can target your specific needs and challenges. You will also receive personalised support, accountability and mentorship. This will ensure you have all the support you need to be successful.

Support Between Sessions

No more struggling alone waiting around for your next coaching session to get answers. Additional support and accountability available between sessions via email or messenger to keep you moving forwards.

Prices start from £97

An investment in coaching is an investment in yourself that pays you back. My pricing structure, payment plans and monthly programmes enable you to start at the level your budget will allow.

What my Business coaching clients say:

Julie has been coaching me one-on-one and it’s been so great to have her encouragement, guidance and expertise. She’s helped me to clarify what it is I’m aiming for and helps me form a plan of action of how to get there. She always provides valuable insights and useful strategies that are applicable and really help me move forward. She holds me accountable for my actions and has helped to change the thought processes and techniques I use to manage my business for the better. She ensures that I’m spending my time wisely and I now feel like I have much greater control over the direction of my business and with her help I’m implementing tools and strategies that will maximise my chances of success. Above all she’s really helped to boost my confidence and I couldn’t be more grateful for her support.

Sophie Hanson ‧ Sharmony PA Services

Working with Julie was such a pleasure. I had been working on my social media presence for a little while and started with focusing on Twitter and using apps and programs and it made a huge difference. I signed up for many different courses and groups. They helped a lot especially Boom Social group. But I finally realized I needed one on one attention. I also wanted to up my Instagram presence as I really loved what I was seeing other people doing on that platform. I was semi knowledgeable about Instagram but I really used it to show pictures of my family and share funny memes. I started posting business stuff on my personal page and it was a little frustrating to see who liked it for my personal stuff of my business. I needed to do something different.

Coaching with Julie was so easy and she gives you clear actionable steps that you can implement immediately and checks your progress. She is very attentive to your needs at that moment whatever they may be. I love the personal attention. I didn’t feel like she put me through a cookie cutter program she gives to everyone.

If you are thinking of working with Julie I say do it and just talk to her and see if she is the right fit and I bet you will like her as much as I did. It was a pleasure collaborating with you and hope we can continue our connection in the future.

Ariana Fernandez ‧ Ariana Fernandez